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Манастир “Свети Георги”, кв. Св. Георги
Манастир “Свети Георги”

The Museum of Salt in Pomorie

he Museum of Salt in Pomorie opened to the public on September 7, 2002. It was established with the financial aid of the PHARE program of the EU as a result of implementing the projects “All about salt” (ALAS) – 2001-2002 and “Developing the Salt Museum in Pomorie as a complete culture tourism site” – 2004-2005.

The museum in Pomorie is the only museum in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe specialized in the production of salt through the natural evaporation of sea water by the sun’s heat.

The project “Pomorie – a tourist attraction – the town of salt, ancient history and tradition” (2012-2013) is currently being implemented with the gratuitous financial support of the Regional Development Operational Programme – 2007-2013. Thanks to this project the Salt Pans of Pomorie and the Museum of Salt will become a year-round tourist attraction.

The project aims at publicizing and conserving the intangible cultural heritage of ancient Anchialos as well as at preserving the salt pans as immovable cultural monument. Financial resources have been provided for the complete development of the museum and the area around it as well as a range of innovative methods of attracting tourists.

The museum represents the ancient technology of Anchialos used in the production of sea salt. It consists of an exhibition hall and 20 decares of active salt pans.
It has a unique collection of photographs from the beginning of the 20th century, tracing the development of salt extraction in the region as well as old topographic maps, models and authentic appliances and tools, used by the salters. Interesting videos can be seen with the help of modern audio-visual equipment. The Museum of Salt is on the list of the 1ОО national tourist sites. There are brochures and souvenirs for sale.

The salt pans at the museum produce salt in the same way as it was done in Antiquity. Visitors can watch all technological operations live. They can talk to the salt workers about the subtleties of the trade and feel the authentic atmosphere of the past.

In Pomorie, ancient Anchialos, salt has been obtained since time immemorial. According to Bulgarian historians the salt pans existed even before the establishment of the town (around the 5th c. BC). Century-old experience has been handed down from fathers to sons.
The Museum of Salt is in the old part of the town on the narrow strip between Pomorie Lake and the salt pans, immediately behind the stadium and the sanatorium of the Ministry of Health.
Salt Museum is open for visitors from Monday to Friday.
The museum has its own parking

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