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7 interesting facts about Belarus – Belorussia – Leukorussia

Here are 7 curious facts about Belarus – Belorussia (Беларусь – Белоруссия):

1. The country has two names: Belarus and Belorussia
2. The Byelorussian SSR, although part of the USSR, is one of the founding countries of the United Nations in 1946
3. The BATE Borisov football team is a regular participant in the Football Champions League

4. The country has its own Nobel laureate: in 2015 Svetlana Aleksievich received the Nobel Prize in Literature.
5. One of the symbols is the Brest Fortress, located on the Polish-Belarusian border
6. The country has two official languages: Belarusian and Russian, but almost no one speaks Belarusian, even in the villages

7. More than 20 years (took office on July 20, 1994) head of state Alexander Lukashenko

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