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XIII World Meeting of Bulgarian Media will be held in Moldova

The meeting is organized for a consecutive year by BTA and the Association of Bulgarian Media Worldwide.
BTA General Director Maxim Minchev explained that the site of this year’s forum is chosen because of the large and compact mass of ethnic Bulgarians living in Moldova and as a whole in Besarabia. More than 80,000 Bulgarians live in Moldova, which together with the neighboring regions of Ukraine are about a quarter million.

Maxim Minchev pointed out that the city of Taraklia has a population of nearly 80% of Bulgarians, but at the Grigoriy Tsamblak University of Taraklia, Bulgarian language is taught but at present there are problems – shortages of lecturers, financial resources and others. There are different ideas for him and I hope during the meeting to be able to offer a reasonable solution to his fate, Minchev remarked.

The topic of the media meeting this year is “Policies of Neighborhood” and will be from 4 to 8 October in the Moldovan capital Chisinau.

Author: DK

Photo: Official site of the city of Traclia, Republic of Moldova

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