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Rumen Radev: Montenegro Shows that the Balkan Countries will have Real Prospects for EU Accessioн

Montenegro proves to be a country that actively works towards its European integration. It has set an example to the other countries in the Western Balkans and proves that opportunities are open when we unite around the European values and we follow them in our actions. This is what Head of State Rumen Radev said, who held a meeting with Ivan Brajovic, Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro at 2 Dondukov street today.

“During  Bulgaria’s Presidency of the Council of the EU, our country will work so as to ensure the European prospects of the whole Western Balkan region. Montenegro is an example of the progress made by a country as a candidate for EU membership,” President Radev further said and expressed the opinion that each country from the region should be assessed according to the efforts put in conducting reforms and the degree of compliance with the accession requirements. As a sign of support of and recognition for Montenegro’s efforts, President Filip Vujanovic has been invited to be the first Western Balkan Head of State to visit our country during the Bulgarian Presidency in 2018, Rumen Radev further said.

Ivan Brajovic voiced Montenegro’s readiness to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Bulgarian Presidency in 2018 to reaffirm the country’s progress towards EU membership and towards opening all negotiation chapters of the accession process. “I am convinced that Bulgaria will stimulate the integration in the region and will make these countries’ accession a major item on EU’s agenda, so that the countries’ progress will be permanent and irreversible,” the Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro said. Ivan Brajovic also expressed his support for the efforts to improve the connectedness between the two countries by improving the transport infrastructure and for the joint measures to boost the exchange of tourists between Bulgaria and Montenegro.

Bulgaria and Montenegro are engaged in an extremely intense political dialogue and beneficial bilateral relations in a lot of spheres, it was further emphasized at the meeting. We want to see political contacts transform into higher achievements in economic cooperation. The current bilateral trade worth 15 million euros is lower than the estimated levels. We are also willing to increase the activity under the programs for mutual investments, the Bulgarian President further said.

Rumen Radev and Ivan Brajovic identified security, tourism, science and education as spheres that offer serious opportunities for developing the bilateral relations between Sofia and Podgoritsa.

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