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Contest: Alba Iulia-The City of the Union

Dear friends, Radio România Internaţional invites you to participate in a new prize winning contest, entitled “Alba Iulia – the City of the Union” devoted to the celebration of 100 years since the territories with a predominantly Romanian population united in a nation state.

The Grand National Assembly of Alba Iulia (central Romania), held on December 1, 1918, sealed the union of the provinces of Bessarabia, Bukovina, Transylvania, Banat, Crisana, Maramures and Satmar with the Kingdom of Romania. December 1 is Romania’s National Day, celebrated every year on this day, since 1990.

On March 27, 1918, the union of Bessarabia with the Kingdom of Romania was the first moment in a series of similar acts, completed on December 1, 1918 with the union of Transylvania, which sealed the creation of Greater Romania. In 1918, new states, among which Greater Romania, emerged on the map of Central and Eastern Europe. The new map was the result of the rearrangement of political structures based on national criteria. National self-determination based on ethnic majority was the underlying principle in the process of setting up the new state entities, a principle which is still functioning in international relations.

We invite you to follow Radio România Internaţional’s broadcasts, our site www.rri.ro and our Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles and give correct answers, in writing, to the contest questions. The contest ends on June 30, 2018, mailing date (June 30, at midnight, Romania’s time, for the online participants).

The two Grand Prizes will consist in two trips with accommodation and full-board, between September 10-18, sponsored by the Transilvania Hotel in Alba Iulia and the “Casa Motului” guesthouse in Arieseni, Alba County. As usual, the winners will have to cover the costs of the foreign travel expenses to and from Romania, and, if necessary, the cost of a Romanian visa. We will also offer prizes consisting in objects, particularly cultural promotion products. The contest is organised jointly with the Alba County Council, the City Hall of Alba Iulia, the Alba Iulia Branch of the Fine Artists Union, the Alba Iulia Orthodox Archbishopric and the Apulum SA Porcelain Factory in Alba Iulia.

And now the questions:

-What does Romania celebrate on December 1 and what is the significance of this celebration?

-What is the city  which hosted the Grand National Assembly of December 1, 1918?

-In what part of Romania is Alba Iulia located?

Please tell us what prompted you to participate in the contest and why you listen to RRI’s broadcasts and follow RRI’s content online. Our address is:

Radio Romania International,

60-64 G-ral Berthelot Street, District 1, Bucharest,

PO Box 111, postal code 010165,

fax, e-mail: engl@rri.ro.

Please send your answers by June 30, 2018, mailing date (by June 30, at 24.00 Romania’s time for the online participants). You can find the contest regulations on our website and on Facebook. Good luck!

Source and pictures: Radio România Internaţional

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