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Radio Romania Int. Contest: “Radio Romania 90 and RadiRo- 2018”

The contest is dedicated to 90 years of Romanian radio broadcasting and to this year’s edition of the International Festival of Radio Orchestras, RadiRo, organized by the national public radio in our country.

The first radio transmission in Romania was broadcast on November 1, 1928. Nine decades marked by special moments have gone by, moments that the national public radio celebrates together with you, by organizing a new contest. The month of November 2018 is, however, rich in cultural events, one of them being the 4th International Festival of Radio Orchestras between November 18 and 25, to which this contest is dedicated as well.

The public radio service in Romania, the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation, is the leader of the line industry, with a cumulative daily reach of some 4.5 million listeners and a cumulative market share of 30%. Radio Romania is made up of the channels Radio România Actualităţi, Radio România Internaţional, Radio România Cultural, Radio România Muzical, Antena Satelor, a network of over 10 regional stations, the Radio3net online station, Radio Chişinău (based in the Republic of Moldova), but also of the National Radio Drama Department, the RADOR News Agency and the Radio Choirs and Orchestras.

Radio Romania organises every two years, alternatively with the famous “George Enescu” International Festival, its own International Festival of Radio Orchestras, RadiRo, which reaches its fourth edition in 2018. Famous orchestras as well as prominent soloists and conductors will step onto the stage of the festival, just as every year. The main novelty of the 2018 edition is the series of jazz concerts.

You are invited to follow RRI broadcasts, our website, www.rri.ro, and our Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles, and to answer correctly, in writing, a few questions, and you may be a winner. The closing date is November 30, 2018 mailing date, (namely 30 November, 24:00 hours Romanian time, for online contributions, respectively).

The prizes and honorary mentions consist of items promoting Romanian culture, symphonic and jazz music, also promoting the public radio service. The contest is organized jointly with the “Casa Radio” Publishing House and the City Hall of Bucharest.

And here are the questions:

– How many years ago was the first radio transmission broadcast in Romania?

– Name three channels under the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation!
– What is the current edition of the International Festival of Radio Orchestras?

– Who is the organizer of the RadiRo Festival?

Please tell what prompted you to participate in the contest and why you are listening to RRI’s broadcasts and following RRI’s content online. Our address is: Radio Romania International, 60-64 G-ral Berthelot Street, Sector 1, Bucharest, PO Box 111, code 010165, fax, e-mail: engl@rri.ro. Please send your answers by November 30, 2018, mailing date (30 November, 24:00 hours Romanian time, for online contributions). The rules and regulations of this contest are available HERE and on RRI’s Facebook profile. Good luck!
Source: rri.ro
Pic: Radio Romania Cultural

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