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Трифон Зарезан
Трифон Зарезан 2

February 14th is St. Trifon’s Day and Vine grower day

Sveti  Trifon (Свети Трифон) or Trifon Zarezan (Трифон Зарезан) is celebrated on February 14th. The same day is a Vine grower’s Day. It was originally celebrated as a pagan celebration in honor of Dionysius (the Roman Bacchus). With the advent of Christianity on the present Bulgarian lands, it is celebrated  by the Christian Church. The tradition demands that fresh bread be baked and a young hen is prepared. Vines are cut for first time in the season. Following this procedure, a modest celebration is held at the local pub or club of the pensioner or a newly estabolished parvenue restaurant. In addition to the vine growers on this date, the gardeners and pubs owners (krachmari ) celebrate. It is also a Patron day  of archaeologists, and it is also the Assumption of St. Cyril. Since the end of the twentieth century, the 14th of February is widely known in Bulgaria as a Day of Beloved. (St. Valentine).

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Pictures: НЧ “Никола Йонков Вапцаров – 1924” гр.Криводол

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