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Georgia (Tbilisi) celebrates the Day of the Georgian Language on April 14

Since 1990, Georgia (Tbilisi) has celebrated the Day of the Georgian Language on April 14, in connection with this day, various events are held in the country. Georgian is the state language and is spoken by more than 4 million people in the world.

The Georgian language has an uninterrupted written and literary tradition that arose shortly after the adoption of Christianity (in the 4th century). It was created under the influence of Aramaic and Greek writing.

From the early centuries, the ancient Georgian script mrglovani (asomtavruli) was used. From the 9th century – the nuskhuri (church) letter, and from the 11th century – the mkhedruli (civilian) letter.

The very first work in Georgian, “The Martyrdom of Shushanik,” dates back to 476. Its author is Yakov Tsurtaveli.

The modern Georgian alphabet consists of 33 letters – 5 vowels and 28 consonants.

The Georgian Language Day was established to commemorate the events of April 14, 1978. On this day 44 years ago, mass demonstrations took place in Tbilisi in defense of the native language, thanks to which the Georgian language retained the status of the state language in the Constitution of the Georgian SSR.

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